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New Hampshire: 300 (7.9.2000)
Qual: 10th
Finish: ?
Daytona: Pepsi 400 (7.1.2000)
Qual: 1st
Finish: 2nd
Standings: after Daytona:
  1. Bobby Labonte (2527)
2. Dale Earnhardt (2475)

3. Dale Jarrett (2451)
4. Ward Burton (2347)
5. Jeff Burton (2314)
Check out the 1999 championship page HERE.

Eric's DJ Fan Page Calls it quits
July 9, 2001
Anybody still out there? I have decided to retire as a webmaster of Eric's Dale Jarrett Fan Page. I am still a fan of Dale Jarrett, but Real Life™ has forced me to stop my updates. Also, the reason I really started the page was because the web had some really lame and outdated sites devoted to DJ and I thought "I could do that!". Well, I did, and now my site is the lame and outdated one. I'm planning on leaving it up for posterity, but don't expect it to be updated again anytime soon. The best Dale Jarrett site out there (and one of the main reasons I don't feel strongly about keeping my site up, 'cause I can't compete :) is The Unofficial Robert Yates Racing News Page. They do a great job and are true racing fans. Thanks to everyone who visited. I never knew whether I had any "regular" visitors or not, but I felt I was just able to chat to the world about my favorite driver. Here's to good, safe, door-to-door racin'. Go DJ.

-- Eric

Kenny Irwin Dead After Crash at New Hampshire
July 7, 2000
Former Yates teammate Kenny Irwin crashed in turn three of New Hampshire speedway during Winston Cup practice this afternoon. Irwin was taken to the infield care center and then a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead due to "multiple injuries". Adam Petty died at New Hampshire less than two months ago in almost the same manner. I will run a "KI" image in my titlebar for the rest of the year as a tribute.

Pit Failure Makes Jarrett Struggle for Second Behind Blocking Burton
July 1, 2000
Dale Jarrett had the car to beat in Saturday night's Pepsi 400, leading the first 60 laps. But a 30-second pitstop due to trouble with the right rear wheel forced him back in the 30th's with 60 laps to go. Luckily, the other Dale was close by, and the Dale-n-Dale Show© was on again at Daytona. These guys always seem to charge to the front at the Florida Superspeedway. Ford and Chevy, Goodwrench and Quality Care, Black and Blue, 3 and 88 charged up to second and third in the closing laps. But Jeff Burton, who had gained the point with a two-tire stop, wouldn't let Jarrett pass in the closing laps, and Jarrett had to settle for second. Second turned out to be just great, though, as Earnhardt fell back to 8th and Points Leader Bobby Labonte finished 12th, allowing Jarrett to move ever closer to defending his championship.
Next Week: New Hampshire! Gooooooo DJ!

Jarrett Looks to Make History at Daytona
June 30, 2000
Dale Jarrett lost the car that won the Daytona 500 for a year, but it didn't slow him down at all at Daytona. Jarrett again was the fastest in Qualifying at the Florida superspeedway, and will sit on the Pole for Saturday night's Pepsi 400. Joining him in the front row is his Robert Yates Teammate, Ricky Rudd, who just happened to be in the same place for the Daytona 500. Those Yates engines love that track, I guess. Jarrett will try to win his third straight points race at Daytona, only done once before by Cale Yarborough. The race starts at 8 p.m. on Saturday night. DJ is only 129 points back from the lead, so let's cheer him on to victory lane! Go DJ!

Eric's Dale Jarrett Fan Page Relaunches
June 30, 2000
Hey folks, I was *this* close to calling it quits this year, but DJ's recent performances have inspired me to make this site even better. I'm currently restructuring everything to fit together a little easier, and I think it's working well so far. I just hope I haven't lost too many fans in my laziness these last few months. Thanks for visiting, and visit again for the latest results!

Dale Jarrett Looks to Gain Ground in Cali
April 28, 2000
First of all, let me apologize for the disgraceful lack of updates this season. I'm still getting into the swing of things, but I'm getting close to updating regularly. Dale Jarrett looked pretty good at Talladega a couple of weeks ago, but he had another spell of bad luck as he ran out of gas and lost a lap. He actually led the pack for much of the final stretch, but it was just to get back on the lead lap. DJ needs to be the first repeat winner of the season this weekend in California, so let's cheer him to victory! Go DJ!

Eric's Dale Jarrett Fan Page Is Back!
February 28, 2000
Yep, I'm back! I've decided NOT to renew my contract with, so I've moved once again! I'm no longer in school, so I don't have as much time, so expect only about a weekly update this year. I like watching DJ too much to let it go completely, though. Please let me know if links aren't working. I'm trying to find the best way to keep the site updated, and some are more reliable than others. Update your bookmarks, fans, and let's cheer DJ to a repeat championship!

Welcome DJ fans, this page is just a way that I can give people information on my favorite NASCAR Driver, Dale Jarrett. This site is not endorsed in any way by DAJ Racing, Ford Quality Care, NASCAR ruling officials, or anyone else, person or otherwise, connected to the great sport of NASCAR, or any other sport, orginization, or ruling body, whatsoever. It's just run by little old me, and I hope that you like it as much as I like making it.

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